Publicaciones científicas

Fertile Fertile Plus ZyMōt ICSI

Predictors. Technology and processes improving outcomes in andrology

July 2020 . Congreso ESHRE 2020

G. Adaniya, C. Leisinger, M. Freeman, E. Behnke , M. Aguirre , T. VerMilyea , M. Schiewe.


The relationship between seminal leukocytes and oxidative stress markers in semen

July 2020. Congreso ESHRE 2020.

S. Kuroda, T. Takeshima , Y. Yumura


Effect of Abstinence Period on Seminal Oxidative Stress in Infertile men

July 2020. Congreso ESHRE 2020

M. Arafa, K. Khalafalla , A. Majzoub , A. Agarwal , S. Alsaid , H. Elbardisi


Seminal oxidative stress and sperm DNA fragmentation in men from couples with idiopathic recurrent pregnancy loss or infertility

July 2020. Congreso ESHRE 2020

J.M. Kold, M.R. Dalgaard , F. Dardmeh , H. Alipour , O.B. Christiansen