Improving pregnancy rate in IVF cycles by preparing sperm via microfluidic sperm chips

  • Fecha: 2 julio 2017
  • Revista: ESHRE 2017
  • Autores: O. Alagöz, Gülçin Özkara, Melis G. Koçer, Cem Ficicioglu

Effect of microfluidic sperm chips to sperm motility and DNA integrity improvement is already known by some studies. Although, microfluidic technologies were introduced in ART field at the beginning of 21st century and are being advanced from day to day, there is still no prevailing utilization in laboratories and there are few studies presenting their effect on ART outcomes.

This is a retrospective, randomized study evaluating the data of 185 patients between December 2014 and January 2017. Patients were grouped according to sperm preparation technique (88 patients for chip and 97 patients for Percoll). Patients were further grouped by the number of their previous cycles (3 groups: 0-1, 2-3, 4 and more). Chip effect was compared in each group in terms of fertilization, pregnancy and implantation rates.