Publicaciones científicas

Fertile Fertile Plus ZyMōt ICSI

Microfluidic sorting selects sperm for clinical use with reduced DNA damage compared to density gradient centrifugation with swim-up in split semen samples

10 julio 2018

Molly M Quinn, Liza Jalalian, Salustiano Ribeiro, Katherine Ona, Utkan Demirci, Marcelle I. Cedars, Mitchell P. Rosen


MiOXSYS: a novel method of measuring oxidation reduction potential in semen and seminal plasma

1 septiembre, 2016

Agarwal A., Sharma R., Roychoudhury S., Du Plessis S., Sabanegh E.


Role of Antioxidants in Assisted Reproductive Techniques

30 abril, 2017 World Journal of Mens Health

Agarwal A., Majzoub A.