ESHRE 2017: Selection of spermatozoa with higher chromatin integrity through a microfluidics device

  • Fecha: 2 julio, 2017
  • Revista: ESHRE 2017
  • Autores: Alessandra Parrella, Nigel Pereira, Stephen Chow, Zev Rosenwaks, Gianpiero D. Palermo

Study question: We tested a simple method to enrich spermatozoa with higher progressive motility and superior chromatin status in men with normal and abnormal semen parameters.

Summary answer: A microfluidics device was able to isolate spermatozoa with higher progressive motility and the lowest incidence of chromatin fragmentation in oligo- and normo-spermic semen.

What is known already: Semen analysis is currently used as a method to screen for male factor infertility. Standard selection methods provide a cleaner and safer specimen for insemination with enhanced progressive motility albeit without any input on the genomic integrity of the spermatozoon. We learned that sperm DNA fragmentation is linked to motility and therefore a method that is capable of guaranteeing a richer proportion of the most progressive spermatozoa may also provide cells with the highest chromatin integrity.