MiOXSYS: a novel method of measuring oxidation reduction potential in semen and seminal plasma

  • Fecha: 1 septiembre, 2016
  • Revista: Fertility & Sterility
  • Autores: Agarwal A., Sharma R., Roychoudhury S., Du Plessis S., Sabanegh E.

Routine semen analysis is the backbone of male factor infertility evaluation. However, such testing does not assess oxidative stress, which is a major contributor to male factor infertility (1–7). Oxidative stress in sperm stems from excessive production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Physiological levels of ROS are necessary for optimal sperm functions such as motility, hyperactivation, capacitation, and acrosome reaction (2, 8), but when levels become too high, oxidative stress occurs. Spermatozoa and seminal leukocytes can act as potential sources of excessive ROS generation (2, 9, 10), leading to abnormal sperm parameters (1, 11).