A novel solution for freezing small numbers of spermatozoa using a sperm vitrification device

  • Fecha: 1 noviembre, 2018
  • Revista: Human Reproduction
  • Autores: Arie Berkovitz, Netanella Miller, Michal Silberman, Michael Belenky, and Pavel Itsykson


Does a novel sperm vitrification device (SpermVD) provide an efficient method for freezing a small number of human spermatozoa from men suffering from non-obstructive azoospermia?


The novel SpermVD is an efficient and simple carrier method for freezing a small number of spermatozoa in low-volume droplets, reducing post-thaw search time from hours to minutes, allowing a 96% recovery rate and leading to successful use of sperm for fertilization.


Previous methods for cryopreservation of small numbers of human spermatozoa (e.g. mini-straws, ICSI pipette, alginate beads, cryoloop) have been proposed as a solution for cases of severe male infertility. Many drawbacks have prevented their widespread use, including cumbersome preparation and sperm retrieval procedures, and the fact that the thawed spermatozoa are not immediately available for micromanipulation and required additional treatment which posed excess risk of harm.